Tuesday, 15 January 2008

C/C++ profiling tool (Eclipse Plugin)


Trace, profile or find memory leaks in any C/C++ application.
Hitchhiker is a free Eclipse plug-in that lets you instrument any C/C++
application on the fly, trace and profile the application at near full
execution speed, and visualize application internals using the Eclipse
Workbench. Hitchhiker can be used throughout the application
development lifecycle, beyond development into alpha, beta, production
test, and production.

- Identify objects and methods that consume the most time

- Identify memory-intensive classes

- Gauge program concurrency

- Locate memory leaks

- Browse every execution of a method as a function of time

- Obtain a wider view of execution behavior as a function of time

- Identify active threads, and when threads are active

- Identify frequently called methods

- Identify different phases of program execution

- Study different method invocations



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  1. sorry, but this plugin is not availiable any more....