Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Great Firefox Extensions

  • SEO for Firefox - Import useful marketing data right into Google and Yahoo search results.

  • AdSense Notifier - if you are an AdSense crack addict, this puts your AdSense stats right at the bottom of the page
  • ColorZilla - allows you to pull colors off a page
  • Firebug - edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
  • Google Global - view regional search results from any country.
  • Greasemonkey - allows you to add many Greasemonkey scripts (like these) to your Firefox install
  • Inbound Link Quality Extension
    - extension by Bob Mutch estimating the authority of a page based on
    its number of .edu links, .gov links, and weather or not the page is
    listed in DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory
  • LiveHTTPHeaders - allows you to view server header response
  • SEO Link Analysis Script
    - extend Yahoo! Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Central using this
    free script from Joost De Valk. It verifies the link is still on the
    page, adds PageRank scores, displays anchor text, and highlights if the
    link uses nofollow.
  • SearchStatus - highlights nofollow links, shows PageRank, shows Alexa rank, and provides links to some backlink information
  • Show IP - shows the IP address from which your Google search results are being delivered.
  • User Agent Switcher
    - allows you to act like you are GoogleBot or another search engine
    spider. Make sure you clear your cookies and browser cache before using
  • Web Developer - allows you to view a page with different browser configurations

Toolbars, Browser Buttons, and Bookmarks

Quick links and browser extensions which make it easy for you to access cool free SEO tools from anywhere on the web.

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