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8051 Development Tools


  • ASEM-51, by W.W. Heinz, is a free 8051 macro assembler for MS-DOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Download ASEM-51 v1.3 and unzip it into a sub-directory.
  • Issue "ASEMW DEMO.A51" within DOS box will process the source file "DEMO.A51" and generate a output file "DEMO.HEX" in Intel-HEX format and a list file "DEMO.LST" in plain text.
  • Refer to "ASEM_51.DOC" for detail usage. The example program "DEMO.A51" is very instructive.
  • "ASEMSYM.EXE" is a small utility by Chin-Shiuh Shieh which accept list file from ASEM-51 and produce symbol definition file for NoICE51.


AT89C51 Programmer

AT89S51 Programmer


  • NoICE Remote Debugger - 8051 68HC08 68HC11 68HC12 Z80 Z180 6502 etc. is a shareware written by John Hartman.
  • With NoICE Remote Debugger, a monitor "MON8051.HEX" is programmed into ROM, which is controlled by "NoICE51.EXE" (running on PC) via RS232 to debug user program loaded into RAM.
  • NoICE for 8051 V5.0 is capable of single step execution, breakpoint execution, register inspection/modification, memory inspection/modification, assembler/disassembler, and more ...
  • Source code of "MON8051.HEX" is shipped with NoICE. It can be assembled by PseudoSam 8051 Assembler. Users may customize "MON8051.HEX" to fit their own design.
  • Winbond W78C438B is an 8051 variant with non-multiplex P0,P2,Address/Data Bus, and extra I/O port in 84-pin PLCC package. However, there is no on-chip ROM
  • Schematic diagram(pdf) of a W78C438B-based 8051 in-circuit-debugger, designed by Chin-Shiuh Shieh.
  • Above design, having 16KB ROM at 0000h-3FFFh and 32KB RAM at 4000h-BFFFh, is intended to work with NoICE for 8051 V5.0.
  • "MON8051-W78C438B.HEX" is revised by Chin-Shiuh Shieh according to:
    • Monitor Code Space: 0000h-3FFFh
    • User Code/Data Space: 4000h-BF7Fh
    • Monitor Data Space: BF80h-BFFFh
    • Baud Rate: 9600bps
    • RD, WR are used to access external ROM/RAM.
    • Hand-coded UART on P8.0 and P8.7.
  • Photograph of a finished board.
  • Download NoICE v5.0 for Windows or NoICE v3.1 for DOS and run it to unzip the package.
  • Run "NoICE51.exe" for Windows and set the baud rate to 9600bps.

    or run "NoICE51.exe" for DOS and set the baud rate to 9600bps.
  • NoICE for 8051 v5.0 has an inherent limitation that breakpoints must be at least 3 bytes apart from each other.
  • The EA/VPP,XTAL1, and XTAL2 of the target circuit must be left opened if a 40-pin cable is used while debugging.
  • Refer to the on-line help for detail usage of NoICE for 8051 v5.0.
  • A Brief Note on W78C438B-based 8051 In-Circuit-Debugger with NoICE for 8051.
  • A possible bug in W78C4538CP.
  • AT89C51-based 8051 in-circuit-debugger
  • DS5000-based 8051 in-circuit-debugger

C Compiler

Small Device C Compiler

  • SDCC - Small Device C Compiler is a free C compiler for 8051, although library is incomplete.
  • Download and unzip it to "c:\" with directory structure preserved.
  • Add "c:\sdcc\bin" to DOS search path.
  • Issue "sdcc --code-loc 0x4000 --xram-loc 0x8000 test.c" within DOS box will generate "test.ihx" in Intel-HEX format, where "--code-loc 0x4000" is an option used to specify starting code address, "--xram-loc 0x8000" is an option used to specify starting address of external data memory.
  • Refer to "c:\sdcc\share\doc\sdcc\sdccman.pdf" for SDCC Compiler User Guide.
  • uart.c is a UART library by Chin-Shiuh Shieh, including Character, String, and Integer I/O. Refer to sample.c for its usage.

Raisonance RIDE-51

BASIC Compiler

  • BASCOM-8051 is a 8051 BASIC Compiler with IDE and integrated simulator and terminal emulator by MCS Electronics.
  • Download and unzip and Run SETUP.EXE to install the DEMO version (2KB Limited).
  • Refer to on-line help for further details.



Terminal Emulator

Schematic Drawing

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