Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Shrink Vista Partition for WinXp Installation

A) If you have an available partition for WinXp installation, go to "WinXp Installation".

Materials needed:
1) PerfectDisk 2008(30 days trial version, download here).

*make sure you backup the drive you going to shrink just in case anything goes wrong.
1) In Windows Vista, go to "Start", right click on "Computer" and choose "Manage". You will be prompted, just click "Continue".

2) Click on "Disk Management" and you will see the information of your hardisk installed.

3) Right click on the "VistatOS" drive, in my case it's "(C:)" and choose "Shrink Volume...".

4) By default Vista will give you the largest amount of space that you are able to shrink, it's not the free space that you have on that drive. Why?(If you want to find out, please refer to Query 1 or you are satisfied with the amount of space that you can shrink, just proceed to Step 5).

*Steps below followed after I use "PerfectDisk 2008" to empty more usable space for my XP drive. Need help on it? Go here: Get more usable space out of free space using PerfectDisk 2008
5) Please input the amount of space(in MB) for the new drive and allocate wisely, as you need to take into consideration of programs that you will install on this new drive, data storage and so on. I input "1000"(in MB) then only you click "Shrink".

6) Wait for new partition to be created. Then right click on it to choose "New Simple Volume...".

7) Click "Next".

8) Click "Next".

9) Now assign the drive letter(for my case, it's F).

10) Input the "Volume label" as "WinXp" for easy identification later and check "Perform quick format" as well.

11) Choose "Finish" and you have a new partition ready for WinXp installation. Proceed to normal WinXp installation procedure.

Proceed to?
A) If you have an empty partition for WinXp installation, proceed to "WinXp Installation".

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